iCoPlan: your one source of truth within your organisation and projects

Streamline and centralise your project delivery to maximise productivity, enhancing team collaboration and efficiencies across your whole portfolio.

Increase Productivity

Automated processes and 360 visibility

Enhance Collaboration

Access & Update your projects from any location

Achieve Live Reporting

Up-to-the-minute project visibility / oversight

Keeping visibility across projects and tracking their lifecycles can be the hardest part of project management

What are your most common challenges?

  • How do we keep projects in one system?
  • How do we keep track of tasks across our entire portfolio of projects?
  • How can we record all of our data in a simple and visual way?

iCoPlan is a PPM solution that can plan, prioritise and manage projects.

iCoPlan provides that critical one source of the truth across your project portfolios

  • Achieve a helicopter view with task management and status reports
  • Use risk reporting to stay one step ahead of critical issues appearing
  • Business process tracking to see all of your key business functions in one place including project requests, finance, status and budgeting along business process flows

The real-world PPM Specialists’ benefits of using iCoPlan

Built by PPM specialist, iCoPlan streamlines your project management; speaking to the problems YOU are facing as a project professional through a fully configurable solution that works to YOUR business requirements.

Centralise Your Projects

Streamline your projects to maximise project productivity and efficiencies in a collaborative solution that only displays one version of the truth.

Project Scheduling

Plan and track your projects successfully; link task dependencies to ensure projects stay on track and highlight areas of concern.

Risk Management

Manage and mitigate risks through RAID logs, assign triggers to risks to escalate risks when required to management or portfolio level.

Clear Reporting

Make informed business-decisions through the clear visualisation of live project reports using Power BI.

Resource Management Possibilities

Configure a solution that allows you to manage and track project resources to ensure team and project productivity.

Ongoing Support and Iteration

Have our specialised PPM and development team on-hand continuously to support your solution and maximise its benefit.

Delivered Beyond Expectations

iCoTech Services and it’s team have made it a very comfortable process and have consistently responded, sometimes beyond expectations, Joel (CEO) is a specialist, not a generalist, and knows a great deal about projects. It’s not just important for the Department of BEIS, it’s about all government departments – not just those digital either. I could have gone to a larger business but the small team approach iCoTech offers has really worked for us.

– Giles Hartwright, Head of BEIS’ Portfolio Management Office

Your Three Easy Steps To a Project Management Solution

How you can achieve your first project management success story?


View the iCoPlan Demo

Want to learn more about the main features iCoPlan provides? View our iCoPlan Overview to see our PPM solution’ high-level features to improve your organisation’s project efficiencies.


Discuss Your Requirements

Meet with our PPM delivery expert team to have any questions answered and outline your organisation’s requirements to build a set of deliverables for your solution.


Construct Your Bespoke iCoPlan Solutions Your Requirements

With the detailed requirements set through stage three, our in-house development team will start configuration to your bespoke iCoPlan Solution, consulting with you throughout the process.

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