Specialists in Project Portfolio Management Solutions.

With a partnership approach at the core, we develop bespoke Microsoft’s Power Platform solutions to accelerate change.

Super Powers for Your Power Platform

Leveraging our extensive expertise, we amplify the capabilities of Microsoft Power Platform to align with your specific requirements and maximise the potential of your people, processes and tech.

Co-developed Around Your Goals

Our approach begins with crafting tailored business solutions, optimised through the strategic use of our accelerators.

We deliver these solutions via a suite of services that include consulting and ongoing support, ensuring continuous improvement and adaptation as your business needs evolve.

Our Power Platform Accelerators

iCoPlan, iCoRisk, and iCoView: tailored tools for every business challenge


iCoPlan, revolutionises the way you handle projects. It provides a comprehensive platform for managing tasks, resources, and timelines, ensuring your projects align with your strategic objectives.


iCoRisk is our dedicated risk management solution, designed to help you identify, assess, and mitigate risks with ease. It offer real-time insights and analytics for proactive decision-making and enhanced risk governance.


iCoView is a powerful business intelligence tool that helps you transform raw data into actionable insights, providing visually engaging reports and dashboards. With iCoView you can unlock the true potential of your data to drive informed strategic decisions.

Bespoke Solutions

Beyond our accelerators, we craft bespoke solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our team works closely with you to develop custom functionalities that fit precisely with your business processes, goals and strategic objectives.

The Microsoft Power Platform

Power BI

Taking your time away from manual reporting, Power BI enables data to be refreshed in seconds to show real-time updates.

Power Apps

Building these low-code no-code business applications empower teams to automate streamlined processes by utilising Canvas and Model-driven applications and portals.

Power Automate

Giving you the ability to automate repetitive tasks, streamline processes and create intelligent rule-based workflows.

Virtual Agents

Power Virtual Agents allow you to introduce artificial intelligence (AI) in the form of chatbots to aid in more rapid communication and information flows for your organisation.

Beyond 'out of the box' solutions

The key to real change? Our expert team.
We deep dive into your organisation to understand your unique needs and develop solutions that meet your strategic goals.

What sets us apart


We work with you to understand your challenges and craft custom applications that address specific operational needs.

Power Platform

Our in-house team is specialised in delivering digital transformation maximising the potential of the Power Platform ecosystem

Value at

Our agile approach to project delivery ensures that you quickly see the benefits of your investment.

Delivered Beyond Expectations

iCoTech Services and its team have made it a very efficient process and have consistently delivered, sometimes beyond expectations. This is important not only for the Department of BEIS but for all government departments – and not just the digital ones.

While I could have opted for a larger company, the small team approach iCoTech offers has really worked for us.”

– Giles Hartwright, Head of BEIS’ Portfolio Management Office

Transforming Industries

From public sector efficiencies to private sector innovations, we have a demonstrated ability to deliver across a variety of sectors.

Enhancing Risk Management: iCoTech’s Collaborative Solution for the Office of National Statistics

Transforming Project Management Within Local & Regional Government – Oxfordshire County Council Case Study

Enabling the IPO to make more informed business decisions quickly

Delivering Meaningful Change

Our bespoke suite of business applications expands the potential of the Microsoft Power Platform unlocking key benefits for you organisations:

Enhanced Project Visibility and Control

Streamlined Project Management Processes

Improved Resources Allocation and Efficiency

Robust Risk Management and Compliance

Future Proof Your Digital Transformation

Explore all the areas where we unlock efficiency, now and into the future.

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