Transforming Project Management Within Local & Regional Government – Oxfordshire County Council Case Study

Oxfordshire County Council

Oxfordshire County Council faced several operational process issues that hindered effective project management across its departments. These issues included restricted access, project prioritization, PPM reporting, and workflow with approval stages. iCoTech worked closely with Oxfordshire County Councils major infrastructure team to address these challenges; integrating and migrating to Project for the Web (PftW) and Power BI, which provided better reporting and project management capabilities. 

The council underwent an analysis, design, and implementation stages to build a bespoke solution based on iCoPlan that aligned with their business approach.  

The solution was configured to manage business cases set up and approvals, procurement processes, and purchase orders, providing control and governance over budgets. The council now can manage variances against budgets, finances , baseline tasks, and capture and manage other PPM facilities such as risks, decisions, and stakeholders. 

All data captured was surfaced through Power BI, providing a suite of management reports, including project and program highlight reports as well as reports to analyse variance against baseline. These reports were handed over to the PMO team to own and iterate. Our team provided training and guidance materials were provided to facilitate a smooth transition to the new solution. 

Currently, the council is working under a support and iteration contract that allows for change requests, incidents, and enhancements. This solution has enabled the council to better manage its projects and budgets, streamline processes, and improve reporting capabilities. 

As PPM and Power Platform experts, we’ll work with you to configure iCoPlan – helping you achieve your business goals and vision. Our specialist team will always be on hand to support and maximise the benefits for your organisation. 

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Client Oxfordshire County Council
Industry Local Government

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