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Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)

The Challenge 

The Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) first approached iCoTech Services through its business struggle with project management through multiple systems used to track changes, tickets, and projects and no single portal view.

Customers would submit hundreds of ideas per month and the business had no way of prioritising or converting actions into projects. Through no single project management tool, BEIS was unable to track the return on investment and value of the project alongside the costs and benefits remaining untracked.

The Solution 

Through the utilisation of the Microsoft Power Platform, iCoTech was able to roll out a tailored solution to fit the needs of the business. This solution enabled projects to be tracked and automatically processed requests through a pipeline-gated process that evaluates idea submissions against cost, benefit, and strategic plans.

The implemented tool allowed for financial tracking and management of projects along with estimating, tracking, and monitoring of benefits and ROI. Power BI aided in the visualisation of tickets, projects, and changes in one dashboard to aid in the easy live reporting for the CIO and other stakeholders of the project.  

The Results 

After full implementation, BEIS saw an increase in team and project productivity and efficiency which resulted in a reduction in resources allocated to project management. The department also saw a decrease in cost overheads through the monitoring of project completion. Quicker response time to stakeholders and customers through streamlining processes increased customer satisfaction.

Giles Hartwright, Head of BEIS’ Portfolio Management Office shared:

“Joel and his team have made it a very comfortable process and have consistently responded, sometimes beyond expectations.

Joel is a specialist, not a generalist, and knows a great deal about projects”.

“it’s not just important for the Department of BEIS, it’s about all government departments – not just those digital either. I could have gone to a larger business but the small team approach iCoTech offers has really worked for us.”

Giles Hartwright, Head of BEIS’ Portfolio Management Office

Client Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)
Industry Business and Industrial
Objective To implement the management of a new governance process using agile solutions.
Applications Microsoft Project Online Microsoft Power BI

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