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Intellectual Property Office (IPO)

The Challenge

Intellectual Property Office (IPO) utilised many tools and applications for over 60 projects across its organisation.

Project Managers were using these tools on individual devices and spreading information across many different areas. Extracting data and reporting from these projects had become a very labour-intensive process, with the scale and number of projects increasing, the speed at which the decision-making process was able to be carried out was being affected.

Lacking a holistic view of Projects within the Portfolio, IPO was struggling to effectively extract project data.

The Solution

One view of all projects was implemented by the utilisation of Microsoft’s Project Management capabilities, this allowed IPO to enhance the project visibility and be able to manage a vast number of projects at any one time.

Through the implementation of Microsoft Project Management alongside Power BI decision-makers were now enabled to view the progress of a project with a click of a button and visualise project data more efficiently and effectively. 

The Result

iCoTech enabled managerial analysis and decision-making to become more efficient, allowing IPO to make informed business decisions in a time-effective manner.

Employees across the department now use the solution to create regular reports on in-flight projects using the structured tool that drives change. 

Client Intellectual Property Office (IPO)
Objective To get a holistic view of all projects within the portfolio

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