Power Apps

Power Apps enables intelligent, predictive, and streamlined applications. Driving business transformation and increasing overall efficiency.

Process automation and data collection for efficiency

We utilise this technology based on the Power Platform to build low code / no code business applications, empowering teams to automate processes and collect data. Covering Canvas and Model driven applications including Portals, we can build enterprise solutions readily made and available across Microsoft 365.

Driving business transformation, we can reduce the cost of operation, increase overall efficiency, and have a substantial economic impact by removing email exchanges, spreadsheet trackers and pivot table reports. These are replaced with intelligent, predictive, and streamlined applications.

Power Apps across industries​

In construction, we have delivered business management solutions to allow the customer to send job requests to the service provider. The service provider is then able to assign work packages through automated approval processes with text message notifications of arrival time.

In government, we have delivered ideas portals to allow the user community to submit innovation ideas which allows the innovation leadership to triage and approve great ideas immediately. This enables actions and decisions to be tracked in real time with corporate reporting to all stakeholders.

In operations, we have delivered risk management solutions to enable the capturing, mitigating, and actioning of risks and their associated activities. This allows you to integrate risks from multiple sources of systems into one central repository, for the corporate risk owner to have enterprise visibility of risks and mitigations.