Technologically advanced business solutions using Microsoft 365.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, iCoTech specialise in a range of applications to allow businesses to extract the most value from their Microsoft 365 license. Using our many years of technical expertise, we build Microsoft applications and Project Portfolio Management tools to align with your business requirements.

Power Apps

Driving business transformation, we can reduce the cost of operation and increase overall efficiency, by replacing email exchanges, spreadsheet trackers and pivot table reports, with intelligent, predictive, and streamlined applications.

Building these low-code no-code business applications empower teams to automate processes by utilising Canvas and Model driven applications and portals.

Power BI

Taking your time away from manual reporting, Power BI enables data to be refreshed in seconds to show real-time updates. The tool connects to hundreds of data sources, bringing insights to life via dashboards and graphic reports. Power BI also seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft 365 applications, allowing you to make real-time business decisions with ease.

Dynamics 365

Managing end-to-end business processes within Microsoft 365 and bringing customers and businesses together with the next generation of CRM and ERP Applications.

Dynamics helps organisations understand their customers through automated Marketing, Email Campaigns and Customer Journeys. Also covering all functions within Businesses including Sales, Marketing, Service, Finance, Operations, Commerce and HR.

Dynamics 365 Project Operations

Easily manage your entire project life cycle. As a step up from Microsoft Project, Project Operations can manage all phases of your projects both across your organisation and for external client projects. Project Operations can empower your organisation to optimise resource utilisation, accelerate project delivery, and get business insights from sales to project financials.

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Business Central is a business management solution that automates and streamlines business processes and helps you manage your organisation. Highly adaptable and rich with features, Business Central enables companies to manage their business, including finance, manufacturing, sales, shipping, project management, services, and more.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams in the world’s fastest growing communication platform, currently focused on Business users but is moving more towards an end-to-end user communication platform. This service allows your organisation to communicate, collaborate and stay connected, by creating Teams and Channels. iCoTech can securely deploy and configure Microsoft Teams across organisations.

Project Online

Organisations often have large portfolios of change, yet they are unable to weave these effectively into their strategic plan. We securely install and configure Project Online, using highly technical resources to enable your organisation to achieve key strategies and align these projects to your objectives.

Project for the Web

From team projects to complex portfolios, Project for the Web is simple, intuitive, and designed for everyone. Supported by Roadmap, this tool enables you to create a view of all your projects and drive them together to achieve your business goals.

Power Automate

Giving you the ability to automate repetitive tasks, streamline processes and create intelligent rule-based workflows, Power Automate can seamlessly integrate multiple systems to enable organisations to stay one step ahead of their operational processes.

Sharepoint Online

SharePoint effectively manages information and aids collaboration, storing the documents and lists behind your business processes. A flexible and user-friendly alternative to Excel, it replaces spreadsheets and gives full control over the data you use.

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