PMO Consultancy

50% of PMO’s close within 3 years (APM). It’s never been more important to ensure that your PMO delivers the value it should.

Is your PMO under-performing?

Drawing upon years of experience in SME’s and Blue-Chip clients, our team can help you realise the full benefits of a High-Performing PMO. We can assist with all aspects of the PMO, from an initial ‘diagnosis’ and recommendation report, to a full ‘Grass-Roots’ PMO setup and implementation.

Gartner also found that 68% of Stakeholders perceive their PMO’s to be bureaucratic, therefore it is essential that PMO’s are tailored to the organisation and that stakeholders are involved and understand the value of the PMO.

We have developed a unique approach to the way that PMO’s are implemented, improved, and optimised which will ensure you get the best value out of your PMO.

Our Approach

We will work together with you to understand and identify which type of PMO you require, based on your organisations needs.

We will help you convey to your stakeholders the benefits and value that a highly efficient PMO can bring to your organisation, to ensure that you have appropriate buy-in from all levels.

We will use our experience to pinpoint the quick wins that are available within the PMO to increase the efficiency and demonstrate immediate value to your stakeholders.

We will deliver a tailored PMO that suits your organisational needs and desires, and which is aligned with your business strategy.

We will also develop a visual that explains the features and benefits of your tailored PMO, which can not only be used as a communication tool to the business but can be refined and developed as your PMO matures.


You can be confident that your PMO is adding the value it needs to your business and is seen as an indispensable part of the organisation.