Board Advisory

iCoTech is here to advise and guide you on your transformation journey taking the time to understand your business and portfolio.

Access to knowledge and strategic guidance

We feel strongly that Portfolios should have access to the same knowledge and strategic guidance that companies receive from their board of directors, which is why we created our board advisory function. iCoTech is here to advise and guide you on your Transformation journey.

Our Approach

We will take the time to understand your business and portfolio to ensure that we fully grasp your vision and values. This means we can act as a ‘critical friend’ by effectively providing an outside perspective on strategy, direction, and tactical initiatives, whilst guiding quality improvement and assessing programme effectiveness.

We will help you define your ultimate goals and objectives and create a vision statement which clearly articulates that to the people, ensuring that you gain the stakeholder buy-in that is necessary for success.

We can attend the key meetings within your Transformation department such as Portfolio Boards and Steering Committees, where we will provide support, input, and guidance.

Any issues that are identified by our consultants can be rectified swiftly by deploying a specialist if you require.


You can be confident that your Transformation department or Portfolio is heading in the right direction and will achieve your goals.