Supporting businesses within Microsoft 365 solutions to ensure critical functions are always online by providing innovative support.

M365 Services

In an ever-changing technology landscape, we are on hand to support businesses with Microsoft 365, to ensure critical functions are always available by providing innovative M365 Support Services.

Change and adapt with 24/7 support

iCoTech offer a range of services from Support & Iteration to Power Platform as a Service, we are always on hand to ensure our customers extract maximum value from M365. We see continual iteration of the solutions we build as a critical success factor for any engagement; if the solution doesn’t change for 6-12 months after delivery, it isn’t flexible enough. Businesses will always change and need to adapt quickly, so by having iCoTech technical resources on hand via the 24/7 support services, critical changes required can be implemented immediately.

We offer our support to all our clients, some who have complex business solutions in place and some that simply use M365 to run back office operations. Separately, we have Power Platform as a Service which provides access to our technical capability in a long term partnership service model.

Whatever your support needs are, our M365 support services are available to help.

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