Office of National Statistics – Case Study With iCoTech


Challenge: One of our longstanding customers, The Office of National Statistics (ONS) faced a critical challenge in its risk management processes. The existing in-house risk management solution had become outdated and non-functional, lacking essential process stage gatings crucial for ONS’s operations. The absence of this functionality posed a significant risk to the organization’s governance and security.

Solution: To address ONS’s pressing needs, we embarked on developing a proof of concept to comprehend the requirements for a new, effective risk management solution working with the teams of ONS to ensure our concept spoke directly to their current challenges and shortcomings of their existing solution. The focus was to showcase the capabilities of the Microsoft Power Platform in delivering a robust solution. The resultant corporate risk solution; iCoRisk, empowered end-users to raise risks and issues while ensuring governance and security through restricted access based on project and departmental specifications. We implemented an approval process with workflows, facilitating the seamless transition of issues through lifecycles. Additionally, a suite of Power BI reports was developed to present crucial data for board meetings. To ensure comprehensive adoption, we provided comprehensive end-user training.

Benefit: The successful migration of ONS’s data from the outdated solution to the new platform marked a pivotal benefit. The entire organization now operates through this enhanced risk management solution, enabling seamless functionality to raise, access, mitigate, and monitor risks and issues. The solution’s implementation significantly bolstered ONS’s risk management capabilities, ensuring a more secure and efficient operational environment while meeting the governance standards crucial for their functions.

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