Project Professional Guide to Project For The Web & It’s Latest Features.

Jan 18, 2023 4:00 pm

Project for the Web is Microsoft’s most recent cloud-based work offering providing simple and powerful management capabilities that can be used by project managers and team members to plan and manage projects of any size.

Recent Microsoft updates include people view, sprints, and API support for editing contours. Microsoft has also announced upcoming features including grid conditional colouring and extended timeline zoom.

Keeping up with changes, understanding them and utilising them to ensure project success can be challenging in a busy project team; that’s why we are here to help! Keep up to date with Microsoft Project for the Web changes from a Microsoft Gold Partner. Deep dive into the impacts of platform’s latest features and how to use them within the project delivery in our live webinar this January.

What every size organisation, project delivery is a key element to business growth, Project for the Web is an easy, flexible and collaborative platform that enables efficient and successful project management.

We are offering a guide to project professional for the capabilities of Project for the web and when used effectively can increase project productivity. Join us on the 18th of January alongside our CEO @Joel Markham in our free online webinar: ‘Project Professionals Guide to Project for the Web and its latest’ features’. Learn the capabilities of Project for the Web in a collaborative environment and deep dive into the latest features to enhance your project delivery and enhance your team’s efficiencies.

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