Microsoft’s Return to the Workplace app

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Microsoft have developed a Return to the Workplace application, with multiple tools to help your business cope with changes due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. In the last few months, the pandemic has caused major disruption to the way we live and work. With technology constantly advancing, it has never been more important to utilise the advanced technology we now have, to deal with current situations.

The app makes the workplace and its facilities easier to manage whilst ensuring colleagues are kept safe. The four components included are: Location Readiness, Workplace Care Management, Location Management and Employee Health and Safety Management.

Let’s go through a couple of these tools and explain how they could be a great benefit to your business.

Location Readiness

With COVID-19 spiking in different areas, it is important to know what is happening locally around your workplace. This dashboard displays the key metrics, including daily cases, daily fatalities, local R rate and facility readiness. These metrics show the facts and figures required to determine the readiness of your workplace re-opening. This dashboard is mainly designed for leaders and decision makers of companies. The metrics are easy to view in either a specific area or on the world map. There is also an ‘Employee Activity’ tab which provides daily sentiment check-ins from employees, to show their level of satisfaction.

Location Readiness is a great tool to analyse the COVID-19 high risk areas and employee satisfaction when re-opening of your business.

You can find out more about the Location Readiness dashboard by clicking here.

Workplace Care Management

The function of this dashboard is mainly to manage employee COVID-19 cases and ensure the safety of employees is maintained. When an employee notifies their manager of their illness, the manager will then need to open a new case. During the investigative stage, the dashboard then captures and records case-related data and information. This includes whether the employee has been screened, public health have been notified and doing the risk assessment. Following this, the monitoring stage ensures the employer schedules a return to work date and gives the employee instructions. Finally, the resolving stage involves closing the case and recording the final pieces of data, as well as giving further guidance to the employee.

Workplace Care Management provides an easy way to manage employee COVID-19 cases at each stage, from the illness, to the isolation, to returning to work.

You can find out more about the Workplace Care Management app by clicking here.

In summary…

Microsoft’s Return to the Workplace app offers all the necessary features needed to manage changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To gain access to the app, you require Microsoft Power Apps and Microsoft Power BI Pro licenses, Global or Microsoft Power Platform admin rights and a Power BI desktop.

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