International Project Management Day

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Today is International Project Management Day, so iCoTech are reflecting on the importance of Project Managers and the Project Management industry.

What is International Project Management Day?

International Project Management Day was introduced in 2004, intended to appreciate achievements of Project Managers and their teams. The goal is for this industry to be recognised all over the world. Particularly team members who contribute their time, energy, ideas, enthusiasm, and commitment to delivering projects.

Project Management from our CEO’s perspective

Joel Markham, iCoTech’s CEO, has extensive experience in Project Management. Joel’s background includes being Head of Projects at Babcock and Head of P3 at Companies House, prior to founding iCoTech Services.

Below is an insight into Joel’s thoughts on Project Management:

We need to celebrate our project management community for all that it does. Project Management is the foundation for all organisations, underpinning every strategy. It plays a pivotal role in companies’ success and is the backbone of all projects. Without it, many projects would simply fail.

Interestingly, everyone is Project Manager in some way. All professionals do Project Management within their roles. Despite everyone knowing what a Project Manager does, executing this role successfully is another story. There is a fine line between Project Management and Project Delivery; the art is to do just enough but not too much. The balance between managing the project and doing the project must be paid attention to in much detail.

Every project you do leaves scars behind. Whether these scars are big or small, they all indicate where a Project has gone wrong or failed to deliver in some way. However, it is these scars that improve the way you manage future projects time and time again.

To summarise, although Project Management is evidently a very challenging role, it is one of the most rewarding roles anyone could have. Today is a great day to celebrate the Project Management community.

Special mention to iCoTech’s Delivery Manager

iCoTech would like to give a special mention to our Delivery Manager, Mark Goldstrong, for his excellent performance and delivery of projects for iCoTech Services. Having joined us in August 2020, he has made a great impact in our project delivery that has been recognised by iCoTech and our clients.

Below is a comment from Matt Hodson and Mark Guthrie, from BEIS:

Mark has been instrumental in changing the delivery pace for the project. With his experience, he has brought more control, rigour and insight to the process and helped to give BEIS more confidence in iCoTech’s ability to deliver the project. The relationship between iCoTech and BEIS has grown stronger as a result. He has also steadfastly worked his way through the Governance route required of iCoTech, which has been very challenging due to the project delivering a new solution into a large Government Department. His opinions and input into the requirements is very welcomed and the project has a much greater chance of success following him joining the team.

To summarise…

We hope that everyone can recognise the wonderful achievements that our Project Management professionals do for us. We are continuously appreciative of iCoTech’s Project Delivery team and the work they deliver everyday.