Celebrating National IT Professionals Day

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Today is National IT Professionals Day where we can celebrate the incredible work of both iCoTech’s IT Department and all IT Professionals around the world.

We would like to give a special mention to one of iCoTech’s IT professionals, Chris Tomkins, who recently became a certified Developer in Power Apps + Dynamics 365 through multiple technical assessments. You can find out more about what this achievement meant by clicking here.

With technology constantly evolving, IT has underpinned many workplaces and institutions, especially in the past few months.

COVID-19 has put the world under enormous pressure to continue working and living under restrictions. Luckily, with technology having advanced so much, staying in touch with friends, family and colleagues has never been easier. Let’s appreciate the work of the IT Professionals today, by highlighting the ways technology has benefitted communication in the workplace during the global pandemic.

Business as usual

Whether it was to hold meetings, interviews or speak to customers, when the world was in lockdown, the office setting was no longer accessible. Platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Outlook have played a key part in interactions. The idea that you can connect with any customer or colleague with just a click of a button is quite incredible. Without the creation of platforms such as these, it would’ve been near impossible to interact so easily from the comfort of our own homes.

Staying connected

Video-calling has been key means of communication in the past few months. Both on a personal and corporative level, it offers so much more than just a simple phone call. When the majority of the time was spent within the four walls of your own home, video-calling made interactions seem less distant. Most language is communicated non-verbally as opposed to through words. Meaning that seeing another person can be much easier to understand the message they are trying to convey in comparison to listening to the words they speak. As well as this, seeing familiar faces can boost mental wellbeing. So although a simple concept, the creation of video-calling has improved many aspects of communication.

Saving the planet

Now iCoTech are back in the office, we are trying to be more sustainable. You can read our latest blog post about this by clicking here. However, to add to these green changes in the office environment, the use of technology has generally reduced waste in other areas. When working from home in the past few months, less cars have been on the road which means less carbon emissions are emitted. Further to this, here at iCoTech we still have a mixed working environment, working from home as well as working in a greener office. Due to so many advances in applications and systems, paper is no longer a common sighting in the iCoTech office. So, not only has new technology created easy platforms to interact on, but has also helped reduce waste and emissions.

In summary…

Without IT Professionals, personal and corporate life would be a lot different (and more difficult)! So let’s take a moment to appreciate the work they do for us today. And just remember, if you’re reading this blog post on an application, website or have been directed here via social media… IT professionals have made this happen!